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Coronavirus COVID-19 Action Plan:


At DW Garden Services we recognise that a large proportion of our customer base are elderly and/or infirm and fall within the high risk category of contracting the Coronavirus or COVID-19. 


Following ongoing advice from the government we as a small business will be introducing the following procedures to limit our customer base to potential exposure to the Coronavirus.

•Social distancing. We will always adhere to the recommended 2 metre distancing between ourselves and the customers where possible.  

• We will always cover our mouths and noses with a tissue (not our hands) when we cough or sneeze.


• Washing our hands and using hand sanitiser. We will ensure we have adequate hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser for our team members on board our vehicles at all times.


• Quotation visits and face-to-face discussions regarding new work will be carried out with the above recommendations in place. We will where possible carry out conversations by phone or email, but recognise that discussions about garden work are difficult to have without being at the property in question.


• Finally if one of our team members does unfortunately contract the virus we will be ensuring they self-isolate immediately and they will be removed from active work duties. At that point in time we will risk assess the potential exposure to others and act accordingly to protect our customers. 


Following on from the governments update on 30/12/2020 regarding Tier 4 for Northamptonshire, we will continue to operate as highlighted by the governments recommendations of ''to go to work, but work from home if possible'' while continuing to implement the above action plan. 

Stay safe and we wish you all well during this difficult and unprecedented time.


Revised and published 30/12/2020 under constant review.

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